Meet Jeff 

Owner of Interior Creations

In 2002, Interior Creations started with a simple goal: to provide affordable custom cabinetry solutions to New Albany, Ohio and its surrounding areas.

Today, not much is different than it was then. Although our workspace has expanded, we remain committed to providing exceptional customer service along with our bespoke custom cabinet designs. 


We've stayed up to date on the latest design and tooling solutions to continue providing innovative design ideas to our customers. We've continued to source the highest quality materials possible for every client.

Our Process

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


We keep it simple from beginning to end while insuring that you get the cabinets of your dreams!


Mobile Phone

Get in touch! To get the process started just reach out and send us any ideas you have. 

We will come to your home and give you an on-site quote!

Get in Touch


3D Printing

We'll build a 3D design for you to look at. This design becomes the master cut file for our router, so what you see is what you'll get!

See Your 3D Design!



Once you're happy with the design we'll get to work building it. 100% custom

for you!

We can then schedule a day for a timely install so you can quickly enjoy your brand new custom cabinets.

Build It and Install It


Let's connect and discuss your project!